Ingotech manufacture ingot stacking equipment for ingots, plates, waffles etc, incorporating automatic banding and weighing systems to whatever specification suits the customer needs.

A cooling and arranging conveyor is connected to the discharge end of the casting conveyor. Ingots are placed onto conveyor chains and carried through a water-filled stainless steel cooling tank, then dried and passed through a series of squaring, aligning and turnover mechanisms. The arranged ingots are then collected into batches and presented for robot handling, each batch forming a row in the finished bundle.

A gripper of our own manufacture is designed to suit each application, and is mounted on the wrist of a foundry robot. The robot is a pre-engineered system, but is programmable to give flexibility of bundle creation to suit customer requirements.

For higher production rates, two casting and arranging conveyor series can feed a single robot and walking beam.

The stacking area is protected by a 2 metre high safety fence with entrances protected by electrically interlocked doors.

The robot builds the bundles of ingots onto a hydraulically operated walking beam conveyor, which can incorporate automatic strapping, weighing and marking systems if required. Finished bundles are carried through the safety fence, ready for fork lift handling.

Water cooling and recycling systems can be incorporated if required.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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