As one of the most critical parts of a casting system, we pay particular attention to the design and quality of our moulds.

Moulds are manufactured using the latest foundry techniques and high quality board mounted pattern equipment to guarantee accuracy of casting with consistency and smooth surface finish. Cast in high grade SG Iron which is melted electrically with on site analytic facilities to ensure and maintain consistent quality.

Such accurate and consistent castings make it possible to fit the moulds close together, minimising spillage. Ingotech’s patented mould design ensures the small gap at the pouring point does not increase as the moulds pass round the head-shaft and the ingot is discharged. This eliminates the problem of ingots getting between the moulds and jamming or seriously damaging the machine, previously the main cause of breakdowns. This has made our machine far more reliable than other manufacturers.

We have a small range of standard moulds for ingot and deoxidant shapes, but the majority of our machines are built with customer-specific moulds. We can make a mould to match customers’ existing product lines, or we can design new moulds to produce stackable or interlocking ingots within specified weight or size limits. All ingots are designed with an eye to optimising bundle sizes for transport, and can carry the customer logo.

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