Our in-house design office uses SolidWorks 3D CAD software to create innovative, bespoke solutions for each new project. Designing in three dimensions allows better development of ideas at the design stage than is possible with 2D software, and the interlinked references between part and assembly models and their associated drawings provides an extra level of error checking, reducing costly and time-consuming remanufacturing. We are also able to exchange design and layout information with customers and suppliers in latest-versions of the more commonly used dwg and dxf formats.

We work in co-operation with various leading furnace manufacturers to optimise the interface with their equipment on new installations, but most of our standard range of pouring systems can be configured to suit existing furnace installations, even with low tapping heights.

Although we do not make a “standard” machine, a typical Ingotech casting conveyor follows a tried and tested design philosophy, and incorporates standard sub assemblies for pouring and discharging the product, which have undergone evolutionary improvement to provide low-maintenance, reliable performance in harsh foundry environments.

We are also fully prepared to start afresh, and apply our extensive experience to producing brand new designs for special purpose machines. Past examples include lead billet casters, and lead conveyors used in munitions demilitarisation systems.

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